Book 4: Parents, Teens, and Boundaries

I haven’t found very many books on parenting teens, but Parents, Teens, and Boundaries by Jane Bluestein may be the only one I’ll ever need. This book really meshes well with the attachment parenting/gentle parenting I embraced when my kids were young. I’ve been a little bit lost trying to figure out how that philosophy should play out with older kids, but this book, while not calling it by those names, describes what I see as being respectful, gentle parenting. It talks about letting go of your kids, not letting their problems become your problems, being a guide and mentor while allowing our kids to make mistakes. Above all, it’s about building up your relationship with your kids without tearing them down. Very easy to read with short chapters and questions at the end of each to help you think about ways you can put the excellent advice into practice at home.


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  1. Ann

    It sounds like a good book. The lesson I learned from all the books I’ve read is be consistent and do what you say you’re going to do.

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