On What Grounds

is first in the Coffeehouse Mystery series I discovered through Read 52 Books In 52 Weeks. It is a cozy mystery, and quick to read (I need a few of these to catch up — I am two books behind in the challenge). I love coffee and coffeehouses, so this book was a nice relaxing get-away. There was a lot more innuendo in this book than in some cozy mysteries, which I tend to love for their refinement and grace. But there was also some good coffee discussion. I learned a lot about my favorite beverage, including the fact that I am missing out on the true coffee experience with my pre-ground, store-bought, cheap brands.

After two quick cozies, I am back to Jane Austen this week. I hope to finish Persuasion and The Mysteries of Udolpho, and then finish out the year with a couple more quickies to meet my goal.


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December 21, 2011 · 3:13 pm

One response to “On What Grounds

  1. Ann

    I’ll look out for this. With all the craziness of the season a quick read sounds good.

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