Book 47: The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

(Note: It was bugging me that Goodreads was saying I had read 47 books, but I posted this as my 46th book. I went back and found that I counted Love Wins as number 11, and it should have been 12. I started to change everything but decided it was just too much work. I am now actually on book 48 and am only two books behind in my goal.)

The Ghost and Mrs. McClure is the first book in The Haunted Bookshop Mystery series. It was a quick and pleasant read about a bookstore owner who is the only person who can communicate with the bookstore’s ghost, a former “hard-boiled” detective who was killed at the bookstore in the 50s.

For someone who has been pining for another “Cat Who” book, this is a good series. I enjoy cozy mysteries. There is some innuendo from the Sam Spade-esque ghost, but there is nothing terribly graphic. Like all cozy mysteries, there is a feeling of grace, elegance and intelligence in the characters and in the small town where it takes place. Far from being great literature, but adults can have our occasional twaddle, too. I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


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