Book 28 — Emma

Emma is another engaging read by Jane Austen. This was my third Austen book, with my goal of reading all six of her major novels this year. I still have Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey to go. I love Jane Austen’s writing style and her subtle humor. I don’t understand all of the cultural references, but it doesn’t matter. Unlike many books set in Victorian times, in which females are porrayed as either angels or shrews, Emma is such a marvelously *human* character. After a failed attempt at matchmaking which causes pain to many people, she vows never to attempt it again, and yet she can’t help herself. She stumbles and falls and yet always takes responsibility and tries to learn. Her character grows throughout the book as she realizes that she has a lot of misconceptions about people based on their social status.

Austen books — halfway to my goal. Twelve classics — this one fits the bill, so it counts as number 8. Not on the WEM list, and doesn’t get me any further around the world, as I’ve been to England several times now.


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