Book 19 — The Help

One of the hottest books on the market right now, The Help is a beautifully woven tale of three women who set out to make a change in Mississippi in the 1960s. Two of the women are African American maids, who are at the mercy of the white women they serve. The other is an aspiring white writer who was pretty much raised by a black maid who she loved and who disappeared from her life without a trace. The writer decides to write a book about “the help” and what life is really like for them. The women round up other maids to tell their stories. All are reluctant because of the dangers if they are caught. As they are telling their stories in secret, other civil rights workers are being jailed, beaten, and lynched all around them, making them ever aware of their peril. It becomes a race against time as one of the most powerful women in the community becomes suspicious. Between that and the secrets that abound in the book, you won’t want to put it down.


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