Book 18 — Sacred Pathways

I read Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas after my pastor referenced it in a sermon. I am very interested in different personality types, so it made sense to me to see how that carried into my worship preferences. Gary Thomas identifies nine spiritual temperaments: Naturalist, Enthusiast, Intellectual, Caregiver, Contemplative, Traditionalist, Ascetic, Sensate, and Activist. He then gives examples from the Bible for each temperament and also shows how Jesus himself used every method of worshiping God at various times. While I scored over 15 on all but traditionalist, my highest scores were with naturalist and intellectual. It was good to know that my desire to be out in nature or to sit and read a good book are the way God wired me and wants to connect with me, rather than selfish preoccupations. I liked the fact that Thomas also points out no matter what our temperament, as believers we will all have times when God calls us to worship outside our preferred style — even an ascetic or contemplative should gather together with other believers, because the Bible tells us to do so. An intellectual should care for others in need. We can all benefit from singing hymns that have been sung by believers who have gone before us.

An excellent book, especially if you find yourself struggling with worshiping in the ways you think Christians “should” worship. This book will free you to worship God the way He wired you to do it best.


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