Book 7 — Alice In Wonderland

I read this book for my children’s lit class, but I’m counting it because it is great literature and I had to put a lot of thought into it for the sake of the class. My favorite thing about Alice In Wonderland is the word play, which is at its finest in the scene with the mock turtle: “We call him tortoise because he taught us,” and his versions of math: “Ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision.”

Carroll captures magnificently the way children view the adult world. It is confusing and arbitrary. They are at the whim of adults who are constantly making threats at the slightest offense (from the child’s view). Their bodies grow awkwardly, sometimes too fast, and sometimes too slow to obtain the things they desperately want. To understand children better, read Alice In Wonderland not as a nonsense book but as a travelogue — a child’s meanderings in the adult world.

And I think I just came up with the last paragraph for my paper. 🙂


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