52 books in 52 weeks challenge

I’m trying something new for 2011. I found this site while looking for good books to read with the kids, and it sounded like great fun. This blog will be wholly devoted to my attempts at reading a book a week for the coming year. I will also do some mini-challenges, including all the works of Jane Austen, 12 classics in 12 months, reading from The Well-Educated Mind, and reading around the world (keeping track of where the books I am reading take place). This blog will be linked to the 52 books in 52 weeks blog. Zach is also joining me — I will work on getting a blog set up for him in the next couple of days. Let me know if you decide to join, too!

A note on my blog title — I am TERRIBLE with coming up with names, but there is a parenting technique called the comfort corner that I have picked up over the years. It is similar to a time-out, only nonpunitive in nature. The idea is that it is a place where a child (or adult) can go to collect their thoughts and come back ready to face the world, any pending consequences, or to make amends for their mistakes. In our home, the idea of a comfort corner would be incomprehensible without books. To me, a comfort corner can exist anywhere there is a great book and a good cup of coffee.

My first book will be Sense and Sensibility, which will help meet the requirements of the Jane Austin mini-challenge, the 12 classics in 12 months mini-challenge, and the read around the world mini-challenge. Let the reading year begin!



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2 responses to “52 books in 52 weeks challenge

  1. I had a horrible time picking out a blog name, too. I finally went with “www.mandasea.wordpress.com” The SEA is from my daughter’s first names. lol.

  2. Jillian

    I hope you enjoy Austen!! I haven’t gotten to S&S yet, but I look forward to it in 2011. đŸ™‚

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